Securiport’s Civil Aviation Security and Border Controls Products

Designed thinking of Travelers and Authorities.

Products for civil aviation security and border controls encompass a diverse range of technologies and systems aimed at ensuring safety and regulatory compliance. These products offer vital tools for safeguarding national security and facilitating efficient travel. These include advanced passenger screening systems, biometric identification solutions, baggage scanning equipment, perimeter surveillance tools, and border monitoring technologies. Such products integrate cutting-edge technologies that use AI algorithms, and data analytics to detect threats, enhance security protocols, and streamline border management processes, contributing to safer and more efficient air travel and border control operations.

Governments benefit from implementing these systems by enhancing security measures, mitigating risks of terrorism and illegal immigration, and improving border management efficiency. Additionally, streamlined processes lead to cost savings, increased operational effectiveness, and heightened public confidence in aviation safety and border security. Overall, these products enable governments to uphold regulatory standards, protect citizens, and optimize resource allocation for comprehensive security measures.


The APIS PLUS system is a software product designed to securely transmit data to government agencies to assist in their efforts in identifying potential security risks and ensure compliance with immigration and customs regulations.

Border Control System (BCS)

The Border Control System supports both manned and automated processing through Terminals, Kiosks, and eGates to provide a smooth flow of legitimate travelers while contributing to the overall safety and integrity of a nation’s borders.

Threat Management System (TMS)

The Threat Management System is a sophisticated alerting and decision support system that streamlines security operation and reduces costs by automating the process of threat detection, investigation, and response.

eVisa/Travel Authorization System

As an essential component of the Travel Authorization System, an eVisa System is an online platform allowing travelers to apply for visas electronically.


Securiport designs, develops and implements cutting-edge civil aviation security and border controls solutions