Securiport’s Civil Aviation and Immigration Security Services (CAISS)

Designed for Government and Authorities.

Securiport has developed a smart Civil Aviation and Immigration Security Services, an array of customized solutions ranging from airport-specific systems to comprehensive programs designed to enhance a government’s border control and management capabilities at all levels. Securiport systems enable the government to process travelers efficiently in a variety of modes, while simultaneously identifying and classifying travelers deemed as subjects or persons of interest. By empowering the relevant officials with Securiport’s analytics and risk assessment platform, subjects are identified and can be screened under the relevant policies enacted by the government.

With proven reliability under real-world conditions, Securiport’s CAISS offers a unique solution combining biometric identification hardware and proprietary software for accurate and reliable processing of arriving and departing passengers at international airports and other border control checkpoints.

Securiport’s customized civil aviation security and border control solutions offer numerous benefits, including enhanced operational efficiency, improved safety measures, and optimized resource allocation. Each country’s airport or border point has unique needs that require customized solutions in air transportation and traveler processing. With over 20 years of experience, Securiport has refined and tailored its solutions to optimize efficiency, safety, and passenger experience, adapting to specific and evolving requirements of airlines, airports, and regulatory frameworks. All of Securiport’s products and solutions are interoperable and can be integrated with a client’s existing system. Some or all components of the Securiport Enterprise Systems can be incorporated to our customized solutions.

Integrated Immigration Control System (IICS)

With turnkey capabilities for immigration processing of arriving and departing travelers and utilizes highly sophisticated imaging technology to capture passengers’ travel document, biographics, and biometrics (face, fingerprint, and iris).

Contactless Corridor

A comprehensive security platform leveraging AI, drones, and advanced sensors seamlessly monitors and protects borders through real-time surveillance, biometric access control, and automated threat detection.

Civil Aviation Security

With sophisticated scanning capabilities of airport infrastructure to baggage, and cargo; CAS system employs biometric authentication, enhanced identity verification, and uses AI algorithms for anomaly detection.

Intelligent Information Management System (IIMS)

This uniquely designed proprietary suite of analytic solution collects data from structured and unstructured sources into a comprehensive with a powerful threat scoring system for threat detection and an in-depth secondary screening.