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Securiport Integrated Immigration Control System (IICS)

Securiport’s Integrated Immigration Control System (IICS) provides a border control and security information system with turnkey capabilities for immigration processing of arriving and departing travelers. The IICS provides software and equipment for both direct officer processing at staffed booths and automated processing using electronic gates and kiosks. The IICS utilizes highly sophisticated imaging technology to capture passengers’ travel documents, biographics, and biometrics (including face, fingerprint, and iris). The sophisticated IICS solution incorporates the full Border Control System integrated directly with Securiport’s Threat Management System and Travel Authorization System, in addition to Securiport Enterprise Systems.

Integrated Immigration Control System (IICS) provides a substantive immigration database that is encrypted and only accessible by authorized government officials. It also incorporates passport control for documentation verification and authenticity, and identity checks for validation and risk assessment. If there are specific government checks that need to be integrated, Securiport has the capabilities to include in the process.


Positive passenger identity check for immigration and civil aviation security clearance.

Detection of wanted individuals attempting to enter or leave the country.

Compilation of a comprehensive database of passenger data for immigration control and security purposes.

The Border Control System is a comprehensive platform designed to efficiently and comprehensively collect and store data from each traveler, including identity and travel documents, multi-modal biometrics (face, fingerprint, and iris) and other data required by government policy. Learn more about BCS

The Threat Management System (TMS) products are designed to help organizations target, identify, and manage potential security threats. With TMS, data managers and analysts create targeting rules, profiles, and models to identify potential risks. Why TMS can be beneficial for your civil aviation security?

Securiport Enterprise Systems provide foundational features essential for the operation and interoperation of Securiport’s other products. In addition, SES provides powerful capabilities that the Government can leverage to enrich their own civil aviation and immigration security solutions. Learn more about our interoperable solutions.

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