eVISA – Travel Authorization System

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Travel Authorization System

The Travel Authorization System is essentially the eVisa System.

The Travel Authorization System (TAS) products provide the means for the Government to request, collect, review, and approve information required for a traveler to enter the country. These products allow the traveler to securely provide their information, respond to additional requests from the government, and pay any mandated fees.

As an essential component of the Travel Authorization System, an eVisa System is an online platform allowing travelers to apply for visas electronically. Applicants submit required documents and personal information through the system, which is processed by immigration authorities. Once approved, travelers receive an electronic visa, eliminating the need for physical visa stamps or consulate visits.


Automates and streamlines all pre-departure approval processes such as visa application, processing, issuance, and verification.

Provides rapid and direct collection of fees from applicants.

Enables risk assessment and threat detection of all applicants prior to travel.

Offers a set of capabilities for a country to manage all aspects of the visa application and issuance cycle. VMS tools provide authorities with the capabilities to manage the visa application, the policies, and the data collected. During the application process, VMS provides the tools to manage each application through the submission, review, update, and approval/rejection process.

An online platform that allows travelers to register and pay for their security fee. It generates a QR code as proof-of-payment that is sent to the traveler, which then is used to validate the payment at the border crossing or airport.

Provides a unique set of privacy-preserving tools tailored to curb the spread of an infectious disease by identifying possible carriers of the disease. ECS gives the authorities tools to centralize data collection, conduct circle monitoring, and link traveler data for analysis, providing access to a wealth of information integrated from multiple sources.

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