Value to Client


Unparalleled Expertise with No Government Budget Required

At Securiport, we understand the critical importance of maintaining airports secure, travelers safe and complex borders controls. With our deep understanding of civil aviation security protocols, extensive experience, and a team of highly skilled multicultural professionals, Securiport is well-equipped to deliver advanced and sophisticated technology solutions for a country’s civil aviation security. With Securiport direct foreign investment through an exclusive commercial model, our experts provide solutions to ensure that our clients are ahead of emerging threats and always have the most effective measures in place.

Advanced Technology Solutions with Capacity Building

We believe that technology is the cornerstone of effective civil aviation security. That’s why Securiport leverages cutting-edge technological advancements to provide our clients with superior civil aviation security solutions. From state-of-the-art surveillance systems and intelligent analytics to sophisticated access control systems and biometric identification tools, our comprehensive range of technologies empowers authorities to detect, prevent, and respond to potential threats swiftly and efficiently.

Tailored Strategies for Customized Turnkey Solutions

Securiport understands that each client has unique needs, presenting its own set of challenges and requirements. Our team of experts conducts thorough assessments of each airport and border area, collaborating closely with our clients to develop custom strategies that align with the client’s specific needs. We strive to provide comprehensive civil aviation security solutions that optimize resource allocation, streamline operations, minimize vulnerabilities, ensuring the highest level of travelers’ safety and airport security.

Collaboration and Partnerships for Job Creation, Training and 24/7 Maintenance

Civil Aviation Security is a collective effort that requires seamless collaboration between various stakeholders. We believe in forging strong partnerships with authorities, government agencies, and local communities to create a united front against potential threats. By fostering open lines of communication, sharing expertise, and promoting knowledge transfer, we actively offer comprehensive and continuous training for all designated government personnel to operate Securiport’s proprietary systems. With an around-the-clock technical support, Securiport focuses on creating employment opportunities in the three main areas: technology, administration, and operations.

Our Business Model


Securiport designs and implements all systems and services, continuously investing in the program throughout the duration of the contract.


Securiport will provide continuous training to ensure the proper maintenance of hardware operation while providing software updates throughout the duration of the contract.


Securiport is available 24/7 with a team of highly trained specialists, ensuring hardware operation and providing software updates throughout the duration of the contract.


At the end of contract term, Securiport transfers all systems in excellent operating condition to the government with the necessary know-how to operate them.

Onsite Technical Support & Software Upgrades

Securiport strives to continuously provide the best solutions to its clients, by adding new features at no additional cost.

Hardware Updates & Replacements

Securiport uses state-of-the-art multi-modal biometric and document scanners in all its systems. As we adapt to newer technologies, we also update and replace hardware for our clients at no additional cost.

Data Security

Securiport does not operate the installed systems or have access to government data. All data is encrypted and only the client has the keys to decode it, preventing any external party from unauthorized access. Securiport is a 100% privately owned company, unaffiliated with any government.