Civil Aviation Security

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Civil Aviation Security

Securiport’s Civil Aviation Security product line offers the latest security technology to ensure the safety of passengers, crew, employees, and aviation equipment, including vehicle screening to protect the perimeter of facilities. Equipped with sophisticated scanning capabilities, CAS efficiently screens passengers, baggage, and cargo for prohibited items. This solution seamlessly integrates advanced technology to detect and prevent potential threats, offering real-time monitoring and analysis, and employs AI algorithms for anomaly detection.

The CAS systems employ biometric identification, enhancing identity verification. Civil Aviation Security offers components of the Border Control System, Threat Management System and Travel Authorization System to provide comprehensive coverage of the civil aviation security risks.


Enhanced passenger safety with stringent screening processes and advanced technology such as body scanners and detection systems, significantly reduce the risk of terrorist attacks and unauthorized interference, ensuring the safety of passengers and crew members.

Robust security measures safeguard critical infrastructure such as airports, terminals, and aircraft from potential threats, including terrorism, sabotage, and unlawful access.

Maintain a high level of vigilance and readiness, aviation security agencies contribute to the prevention of security breaches and the maintenance of public confidence in air travel.

The Border Control System is a comprehensive platform designed to efficiently and comprehensively collect and store data from each traveler, including identity and travel documents, multi-modal biometrics (face, fingerprint, and iris) and other data required by government policy. More about BCS

The Threat Management System (TMS) products are designed to help organizations target, identify, and manage potential security threats. With TMS, data managers and analysts create targeting rules, profiles, and models to identify potential risks. Why TMS can be beneficial for your civil aviation security?

The Travel Authorization System (TAS) products provide the means for the Government to request, collect, review, and approve information required for a traveler to enter the country. These products allow the traveler to securely provide their information, respond to additional requests from the government, and pay any mandated fees. Learn more about eVisa and Travel Authorization

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