Securiport Enterprise System

Designed for Government and Authorities

Securiport Enterprise System

Securiport Enterprise Systems provide foundational features essential for the operation and interoperation of Securiport’s other products. In addition, SES provides powerful capabilities that the Government can leverage to enrich their own civil aviation and immigration security solutions.


Provides real-time visibility into the status of the operational systems, hardware, and software.

Centralizes access control and management of all products and infrastructure while enhancing physical security with biometric access control and CCTV monitoring.

Enables authorized users to conduct business intelligence reporting against all data.

A system that allows disambiguation, fusion, and conflict resolution of subject identities across all Securiport (and client) systems using any type of identifier (documents, biometrics, names) so that systems can better interoperate, and advanced analytics can be developed.

Systems Management provides a full Securiport Operational suite to manage a site. It is a web application that allows the management of all Securiport applications.

CCTV-EverWatch provides a facial recognition system that records and stores all movements in and around the immigration area. EverWatch connects to the prevention and deterrence application owned by the client in all areas determined by the client.

Interview Data Collection System (IDCS) collects and analyzes traveler interview data and provides self-service tools to create and manage surveys and associated policies.

Gathers information from all parts of the system, from technical data (such as server usage data) to operational application data (such as statistics on travelers) to generate and provide key performance indicators.

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