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Securiport Intelligent Information Management System (IIMS)

Securiport’s Intelligent Information Management System (IIMS) provides a unique, proprietary, patent-protected suite of analytics user tools and services that collect data from structured and unstructured sources into a comprehensive database, screens each traveler through a powerful threat scoring system to detect any threats, and provides the needed tools to conduct an in-depth secondary screening. These systems leverage open-source intelligence along with third-party and government data sources to provide full visibility into each traveler. IIMS provides the Threat Management System which is interoperable with existing systems and infrastructure. in addition to serving for traveler background checking, risk profiling, and risk management.  The IIMS is designed and developed with a combination of trade secrets, patent-pending, and patent-protected intellectual property unique to Securiport. The core patent can be seen on the United States Patent and Trademark Office site by referencing Patent US-10593003-B2 including the proprietary Person-of-Interest, CriTrace™, ReTrax™, and SensiEyes™ capabilities.

The Intelligent Information Management System (IIMS) applies Securiport’s complex risk assessment tools to predict the potential risk posed by any traveler or any airport infrastructure. The IIMS solution provides the relevant criteria for whether additional screening and investigations are needed by analyzing various data from multinational sources. The system is designed to generate alerts on possible risks associated with a traveler, including local and transnational criminal activities based on a patented process of probabilistic analysis and trigger conditions.


Enables security officials to detect and classify criminals based on categorization like human trafficking, drug smuggling, terrorism, money laundering, organized crime, and other risk areas in the interest of national security.

Integrates at all touchpoints with traveler processing, enabling efficiency while maintaining a thorough risk evaluation.

Applies advanced analytics using behavioral models, artificial intelligence models, multi-modal biometric fusion, flexible biographic matching techniques, and current and historical information from all available data sources, to determine in real-time the risk profiles.

The Threat Management System (TMS) products are designed to help organizations target, identify, and manage potential security threats. With TMS, data managers and analysts create targeting rules, profiles, and models to identify potential risks. Why TMS can be beneficial for your civil aviation security?

Securiport Enterprise Systems provide foundational features essential for the operation and interoperation of Securiport’s other products. In addition, SES provides powerful capabilities that the Government can leverage to enrich their own civil aviation and immigration security solutions. Learn more about SES

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