A Leader in Border Control and Civil Aviation Security

Customized solutions and proprietary technologies for effective border security that will keep travelers safe and borders secure.

Securiport combines the power of over 15 patents and 28 unique trade secrets with the expertise of an accomplished multicultural team designing and implementing smart borders solutions.

Border Control Systems

Border Control Systems encompasses state-of-the-art screening technologies, sensor networks, biometrics identification tools, threat detection systems, video surveillance, access control, advanced cybersecurity measures, and AI-powered analytics to keep your borders safe.

Threat Management System

The Threat Management System is a proprietary technology that allows you to employ real-time data analysis, AI‑driven algorithms, and predictive modeling to identify potential security gaps and anticipate emerging threats.

Travel Authorization Systems

Travel Authorization Systems includes the eVisa system which offers a set of capabilities for a country to manage all aspects of travel application and issuing management cycle.

Unparalleled Expertise

Backed by a team of border security experts with decades of collective experience in the aviation industry and technology sector, Securiport is a privately owned company that provides smart civil aviation security and intelligent border controls services. With an unwavering commitment in making the world a better place, Securiport engages it’s client’s as a partner.

Our knowledgeable professionals understand the complexities and nuances of border security, enabling us to design and implement tailored solutions to meet specific needs and challenges faced by each client.

With over 15 patents and 28 trade secrets, we have the experience to address your specific security challenges and provide tailored solutions which protect you against existing and emerging threats.



terrorism-related deaths worldwide in 2022

Global Terrorism Index

international migrants worldwide in 2022

International Labour Organization (ILO)

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International Labour Organization (ILO)

Join The Global Effort

Increasing border security can help put an end to some of the most common transportation challenges. Securiport’s patented, cutting-edge technologies and comprehensive services safeguard and fortify national borders to stop criminals in their tracks.

Reduce Threat of Terrorism at All Your Ports of Entry and Exit

Reduce Illegal Migration Through Your Borders

Track and Detain Person of Interest and Avert Threats

Customizable Solutions for Every Budget

Scalable options and long-term value that helps clients achieve a strong return on their security investment with or without government funding. Securiport offers customizable, scalable options that optimize resource allocation and enable you to achieve a high level of security without financial burden.

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