Securiport’s Global Innovation Cell Invests in Multi-Year Academic Research Agreement with the University of Notre Dame

Securiport’s Global Innovation Cell is proud to announce a multi-year academic research agreement with the University of Notre Dame to research next generation technology that can support current efforts in combating and identifying various border threats including human trafficking, drug trafficking, money laundering, fraud identity and transnational crime. 

The objective of the partnership with Notre Dame, America’s preeminent Catholic university, is to research next generation technology that can be applied and integrated with Securiport’s proprietary Civil Aviation & Immigration Security Services (CAISS) systems. “Securiport has been active in the field for the last 20 years and our technology has evolved significantly to keep up with the global threat landscape, changes in technology and client needs. We are now looking at what is next and how to combine our industry knowledge with science and academic research to develop technology that will disrupt the sector” said Securiport’s Director of Innovation, Mr. Juan Manuel Segura.

On selecting Notre Dame as a partner Nate Carpenter, Securiport’s Chief Software Architect said “As we looked at our product futures, we identified Notre Dame as having the leading researchers in our key areas of interest. We wanted to engage them and explore next-generation techniques for risk assessment that could lead to exciting new capabilities.

Leading the research team at the University of Notre Dame is Patrick Flynn, the Duda Family Professor of Engineering and Chair of Computer Science and Engineering: “The Notre Dame research team is happy to partner with Securiport on research projects relating to border security. This joint project will allow graduate student trainees, faculty, and research staff to develop and disseminate novel databases and computational techniques for challenging scientific problems that have important real-world applications.” Securiport will fund Notre Dame faculty and research being conducted to investigate topics of broad interest to support current biometric and data analytic efforts. Robert Bergstrom, Technical Lead for the analytics products team at Securiport, said “We know that research often creates unexpected results – so we are building our technology in a way that’s ready to incorporate any findings. By giving guidance to the researchers we will be able to quicken the life cycle from the lab bench to the product.” 

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