Securiport launches Global Innovation Cell

SECURIPORT, the global leader in border management and civil aviation security and threat assessment solutions and systems, today announced the launch of the Securiport Global Innovation Cell.

The Securiport Global Innovation Cell is the focal point for generating and curating Securiport’s intellectual property, including its portfolio of patents and trade secrets. It works collaboratively with the Securiport internal R&D team, government clients, commercial partners and academic institutions to develop next-generation technology to combat continuously evolving modern threats.

The launch of the innovation cell allows Securiport to transform its 20 years of border management and international threat assessment expertise into research and testing of new solutions that tackle issues such as traveler identity fraud, human trafficking, transnational organized crime, and money laundering.

Securiport’s engineers have a broad range of industry experience, both within the border security domain and outside it. “It’s this diverse experience that creates new ideas and intellectual property” says Nate Carpenter, Securiport’s Director of IIMS and Chief Software Architect. “The Securiport Global Innovation Cell is being created to tap into this creativity and forward-leaning thinking. It sets up an environment where we can all engage in taking these ideas from the whiteboard to the board room to maintain our thought leadership.”

The global footprint of Securiport’s operations gives the innovation cell a competitive edge, allowing future projects to be tested world-wide with partners and clients. Securiport’s Innovation Director, Juan Manuel Segura says  “Governments and citizens need innovation today because passengers and authorities require it – and the world demands solutions that can be applied across a vast network to promote the safe movement of people. Innovation demands constant relevancy and a passenger experience designed to meet the demands of the future today”.

About Securiport:

Securiport LLC is a global leader in the design and implementation of civil aviation security, border management, immigration control, and threat assessment systems. Headquartered in Washington, D.C., USA, Securiport partners with foreign governments from around the world to provide its proprietary Civil Aviation and Immigration Security Services, a comprehensive security suite with secure biometric recognition, identification of potential security risks, criminal activity, and threat detection.


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