Epidemic Control System (ECS)

Securiport’s specialized proprietary software, the Epidemic Control System (ECS), which is designed to operate within the Integrated Immigration Control System (IICS), provides unique tools specifically aimed to identify possible carriers of the Ebola virus and control the spread of the disease. Securiport’s ECS can provide immediate benefits to health management agencies, institutions, and governmental bodies:


By providing common data collection at immigration control posts, a consistent data platform is generated for use by governments and authorized international agencies in real-time. Securiport’s patented biometric identification tools make for accurate identification of travelers.

Circle Monitoring

Tracks the origin and path of a traveler’s journey to detect passengers who disguise their travel history to avoid international travel restrictions

Link Analysis

Helps identify, during immigration processing, persons who may have been exposed to a current epidemic. The ECS analyzes current conditions to intelligently flag a passenger depending on geographic incidence and national and international health databases