Securiport is an INTERPOL World Strategic Partner at 2015 Biennial Conference

Securiport, a global leader in the design and implementation of passenger biometric recognition, immigration processing, and intelligent management and reporting software systems, has announced its attendance and exhibitions of innovative solutions as an INTERPOL World Strategic Partner at the inaugural INTERPOL World 2015 biennial conference.

INTERPOL World is a new biennial international security event, which brings government leaders together with representatives of international organizations and researchers to discuss strategies to develop safer and more secure cities and nations. INTERPOL World 2015 aimed to create a public-private partnership to identify, develop and drive security initiatives across four key domains: Cybersecurity, Border Management, Safe Cities, and Supply Chain Security.

During the event, Securiport’s Chief Operating Officer, Dr. Attila Freska, represented Securiport in the INTERPOL World Congress panel discussion and presented a Global Challenge: “Can we create a global community that can deliver a trusted identity check?” During the presentation Dr. Freska highlighted common shortcomings and roadblocks as well as examples of failed identity checks where criminals are exploiting certain loopholes. During his presentation, Dr. Freska outlined potential strategic solutions to these problems. “Investments in infrastructure and technology must be made to provide airport security and immigration officials with robust controls and access to real-time database checks at points of entry,” said Dr. Freska.

Securiport hopes to enhance international passenger safety as well as improve immigration and civil aviation security by implementing their Integrated Immigration Control System (IICS) and Intelligent Information Management System (IIMS). “Our IICS is a comprehensive security solution that empowers airport security and immigration officials,” said Dr. Freska. “Utilizing advanced biometric identification systems, our IICS enables security officials to identify potential security risks and criminal activity, further strengthening the effectiveness of their security capabilities.”

In addition, when coupled with Securiport’s IIMS, a methodology for cross-referencing passenger information across international immigration databases, the IICS provides governments, airport security, and immigration officials with a comprehensive set of traveler data and information that can be used to confirm a passenger’s identity and uncover security risks. Securiport’s IICS also includes Watch-list Management which crosschecks passenger information against multiple government databases and performs real-time identification checks. The system alerts immigration officials on possible watch-list hits by issuing a veiled alarm. These improvements would further increase airport security capabilities, ultimately leading to safer and more secure travels for passengers across the world.

About Securiport LLC:
Securiport LLC is a global leader in the design and implementation of passenger biometric recognition, immigration processing, and intelligent information management and reporting software systems for the identification of potential security risks and criminal activity, and the prevention of the international spread of disease. With headquarters in Washington, DC, USA, Securiport partners with governments around the world. Learn more at