Early Warning & Monitoring

From the moment a passenger buys a ticket and boards their plane, Securiport’s Early Monitoring and Warning System provides governments with the necessary information to properly identify at risk persons regarding their exposure to Covid-19. By the time a passenger reaches a border control point entering or exiting the country, the government will have the information necessary to process travelers accordingly.

  • Advance Passenger Information System
  • Travel History View
  • Companion Analysis

Pre-register & Alerting System

Eligible travelers can use their mobile devices to enter travel document data linked to their personal information for immigration and customs clearance. Securiport’s mobile application presents a health status questionnaire analyzed to determine whether a traveler should be processed normally or be thoroughly screened due to identifiable risk factors.

The mobile based application updates quarantined Individuals by providing an alerting system to detect and avoid high concentration areas with the help of geofencing and spread analysis.

  • Mobile Friendly Application
  • Self-Registration and Self-Assessment Survey.
  • Automated Alerting System

Health Screening & Testing

Authorities may require the screening of all arriving or departing passengers to support traceability efforts for contaminated passengers. Securiport provides the means to integrate testing equipment placed within passenger processing into a case management system to organize and display information from Securiport Epidemic Control System components for decision support and case management.

  • Integration of COVID-19 Rapid Testing Devices.
  • Support for Integration of other Pathogen Testing Units
  • Thermal Monitoring for Symptomatic Passengers at arrivals/departures.

Citizen Health Card

Eligible travelers with a mobile phone can retrieve and display their machine-readable code when asked to check their current status at a border control point or on demand. The mobile health card application also shows the location for testing centers, clinics, hospitals, or other key facilities that travelers may need to access if they begin to experience health issues. This application displays relevant phone numbers for support centers and provides the government with a platform to conduct required status reporting activities.

  • Health Status QR Code and Card
  • Geolocation and Geofencing
  • On Demand Health Information and Location Data
    for Health Centers

Traceability & Case Management

Securiport’s Secondary Screening Tool (SST), trademarked in the United States of America as Deep Traveler™, allows for an integrated secondary screening process that brings together information from disparate systems for officials to use during screening and decision-making processes.

The SST organizes information into “cases” and allows authorities to clear or mark the traveler as a Subject of Interest (SOI) to be quarantined and tracked with the case management system.

The SST has the capacity to manage multiple cases and to record information captured by government authorities during follow-up interviews with SOIs (e.g. via phone interviews, SMS and Mail) to check their progression during the quarantine period.

  • Contact Tracing
  • Health Status Maintenance
  • Follow Up via Phone Interviews, SMS and Email.

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