Dr. Attila Freska Joins “Border Security” Panel at AVSEC World Conference

More than just a track sponsor, Securiport is proud to play an active role in the 24th Annual AVSEC World Conference by contributing to the Border Security discussion panel.

During Day 2 of the conference, Securiport COO, Dr. Attila Freska shared his views on the implications of migration/refugees on border control units. The challenge remains, “Do Governments have the recourse to effectively manage ‘normal’ operations, while simultaneously dealing with large influxes of people?”

The panel for the specialized border security track was made up of Dr. Freska, Danielle Sharp–Border Security Manager at Gatwick Airport, and Johann Wagner–Senior Border Expert at United Nations Counter-Terrorism Centre (UNCCT). The panel agreed that technology is an essential part of facilitating passenger processing while dealing with stringent budget restrictions. As the group addressed the growth airports will continue to experience while governments continue to cut funds, Dr. Freska remarked, “We must be pragmatic and look at what tools we have available to supplement the human interaction necessary to secure borders.”

As the discussion came to a close, the panel addressed how the private sector can assist the current refugee crisis. “We must ensure that alternative solutions are available for nations that lack the financial resources or infrastructure to secure borders and increase global security.” Representatives from Securiport will proudly support INTERPOL for the 3rd consecutive year at the annual General Assemblytaking place this November in Kigali, Rwanda.