Securiport Proudly Sponsors the BORDERPOL Global Forum in Budapest, Hungary

Joining this year’s exclusive international panel of agencies at the BORDERPOL Global Forum is Securiport, a global leader in the design and implementation of immigration control, border security, and threat assessment solutions, in Budapest, December 6th – 8th, 2016.

As a long-term Platinum level Corporate Sponsor, Securiport executives have been invited to participate in the conference. Chief Operating Officer, Dr. Attila Freska, will present on the challenges of border security and immigration in the 21st Century as well as participate in a discussion panel on Ensuring Airports ‘Welcome’ and not just ‘Process’ passengers the 2nd day of the conference.

WHO:             Securiport,

                        Dr. Attila Freska, Chief Operating Officer

WHAT:           BORDERPOL Global Forum

WHERE:         Budapest, Hungary

WHEN:           Tuesday, December 6th from 9:00 am – 7:00 pm

                        Wednesday, December 7th from 9:00 am – 6:00 pm 

                        Thursday, December 8th from 9:00 am-1:00pm

The BORDERPOL Global Forum is an annual multidisciplinary meeting of lawmakers, senior managers and industry leaders tasked with managing international borders. Securiport is proudly joining this year’s forum that will bring together border protection forces and agencies from over 40 countries to discuss the future of border security, traveler and migration management.

Securiport Shares How Analytics-Driven Integrated Immigration Control Systems Can Maximize Aviation Security

Securiport, a global leader in the civil aviation and passenger security systems, reported that it has recently presented its intelligent analytics-driven solutions and conceptual management approach for improved integrated immigration control at the Frontex Workshop on innovative technologies, applications, and products for border security. The mission of Frontex – the European Border and Coast Guard Agency – is to promote, coordinate and develop European border management in line with the EU fundamental rights charter and the concept of Integrated Border Management. While the responsibility for the management of the external borders remains primarily with the Member States, the European Border and Coast Guard Agency supports border control at land, air and sea borders by reinforcing, assessing and coordinating actions of member states at the external borders of the European Union. It coordinates the deployment of technical equipment (vessels, helicopters and boats) and specialized border guards to those EU countries which face an increased migratory pressure.

The workshop, which was held for high-level European security officials was led by Securiport’s Dr. Attila Freska, COO, and Mr. Nathan Carpenter, Chief Software Architect, who showcased the need to leverage a combination of current best practices and emerging 21st century technologies such as machine learning, pattern detection, and advanced threat modeling to ensure the safety of arriving and departing passengers at airports and predictively forecast local and transnational criminal activities, including generating profiles on potential offenders. Securiport shared the approaches that its researchers and engineers are using to develop big data solutions for advanced near-real-time threat modeling, detection, assessment, and remediation.

Securiport discussed how its Integrated Immigration Control System (IICS) provides tools in support of current best practices, enabling decision support for the immigration officer driven by travel document validation, identity fraud detection, checking against Interpol and local watchlists, and multi-modal traveler biometric analysis. Immigration officers and supervisors are presented with a cohesive picture of all travelers moving across the border, whether through manned posts or through Securiport’s Automated Border Control eGates. Securiport maximizes traveler experience while providing the officers with warnings when a possible threat is detected.

Securiport showcased how its Intelligent Information Management System (IIMS) enables expert-driven threat detection, allowing integration of immigration, governmental, open source, and unstructured data into virtual data sets that create a basis for analysis. Experts can create rules-driven profiles against these virtual data sets to analyze and identify Persons of Interest (POIs). These rules then inform the authorities when POIs are traveling and provide additional decision support information to the officers monitoring the immigration or border control system. A small number of experts can, therefore, support a large number of immigration officers – a 21st century solution.

Nate Carpenter, Securiport’s Director of the IIMS Program

Securiport Sponsors 85th Interpol General Assembly

Securiport LLC, a global leader in the design and implementation of civil aviation security solutions, announces it is a proud sponsor of the 85th annual Interpol General Assembly to take place in Bali, Indonesia, between the days of November 7th-10th, 2016. Securiport’s exhibit will display the company’s innovative solutions that keep travelers safe and borders secure through advanced analytics, intelligent immigration controls and aviation security solutions.

As global threats of cross-border terrorism, international crime, and passenger safety increase, Securiport’s solutions offer timely and effective Immigration and Civil Aviation Security solutions which include expert systems and support services for immigration processing, passenger biometric recognition and intelligent information management/reporting for passenger security profiling.

Securiport Presents Innovative Approach to Effective Migrant Control

Dr. Attila Freska, Chief Operating Officer of Securiport LLC, has recently presented Securiport’s unique approach to effectively strategizing the border security paradigm at the International Air Transport Association (IATA) Wings of Change (WoC) 2016 event in Santiago, Chile. Dr. Freska’s presentation specifically examined the three strategic security imperatives that governments and global security leaders should implement. In an age of porous borders and global radicalization, the need for solutions to control these frontiers has never been greater. Securiport also sponsored the panel on Infrastructure: looking towards the next 10 years.

There have been so many recent events, such as the attacks in Paris, Ankara and Brussels that involve verifying identities of suspicious individuals and discovering their true intentions. Dr. Freska talked about the common shortcomings in verification analysis, and how more often than not individuals with less than the best intentions go undetected. The crossing of borders, use of stolen or forged travel documents, inadequate screening protocols, limited or lack of biometric tools, no real-time checks against Interpol databases, and ineffective use of big data analytics are just a few examples.

“The new border security paradigm for effective migrant control,” said Dr. Freska, “needs to correct three damaging processes: overall lack of real-time checks, no use of available technology and recognizing that every nation, every government, every threat assessment is different and security measures need to be integrated with the unique behaviors of local law enforcement and culture in mind.”

In the absence of any one of the elements in this complex paradigm, there are gaps that transnational criminals and terrorist organizations will exploit.

The Wings of Change event brings together the leaders of the air transport industry in Latin America; aeronautical and political authorities, airline and airport executives, regulators, service providers and tourism authorities, to discuss the opportunities and challenges of the aviation industry. Top industry issues covered at the conference included regulatory challenges, end-to-end passenger experience, new distribution trends, infrastructure, key industry suppliers and regulatory issues.

BORDERPOL Steering Committee Extends Warm Welcome to Securiport’s Dr. Enrique Segura’s Participation

Securiport is pleased to announce Dr. Enrique Segura’sparticipation on the Steering Committee of BORDERPOL. Securiport, the global leader in travel safety and border security, and BORDERPOL, the creator of new products and technologies used by border security agencies, look forward to sharing knowledge and expertise on border control systems.

Effective border management is an essential instrument for maintaining peace and security around the world. Dr. Segura brings knowledge which can help progressive border services enhance their own border-security procedures, and to integrate their efforts to standards that are known and understood by other border security, travel/migration management organizations.

The role of this Steering Committee is unique to BORDERPOL in that it was approved by the Management Board in December 2014 to “review, comment and promote the organization within the spheres of government and industry.” Dr. Segura will join the three current group members: Ambassador Rodney Irwin [Ret] – Chairman, Stans Energy Corp. (Canada), Admiral Ami Ayalon Senior Fellow, Israel Democracy Institute, and Commissioner Emmanuel Farrugia [Ret] Former Head, French Police Anti-Gang Unit & Counter-Terrorism Office.

The Steering Committee established officially in June of this year by Mr. Louis-Lyonel Voiron, Director of Strategic Development and General Secretariat. Since then Mr. Peter S. Vincent has joined the BORDERPOL management board as Director Counselor International Policies. Both these officials of BORDERPOL will have a working relationship with the Steering Committee in the weeks and months ahead. The Steering Committee will advise the General Secretariat independently from the Common Council in support of BORDERPOL’s strategic plan approved in 2014 which is to transform it from a non-profit organization to an intergovernmental border security, traveler/migration management body by the year 2020.

Given Securiport’s recent partnership with BORDERPOL, Dr. Segura’s participation within BORDERPOL’S organization is warmly welcomed.

Securiport Showcases Award-Winning Integrated Immigration Control Systems at BORDERPOL Congress

Securiport, a global leader in passenger biometric recognition, immigration processing, and intelligent information management and reporting systems, is delighted to announce that it was the Gold Sponsor for the 4th World BORDERPOL Congress in The Hague, Netherlands, on December 8th-10th. Securiport was on hand to interact with the attendees about its Integrated Immigration Control System and what they offer countries around the world.

Securiport’s Integrated Immigration Control System (IICS) is a comprehensive security product that consists of several subsystems, which, when combined, provide optimal security and control. Some of these subsystems include advanced biometric identification and control, intelligent data analysis, training, data security and tools to help identify persons of interest.

“Securiport’s IICS is an incredibly powerful tool that was conceived of, constructed, and continues to be managed by our growing and high-achieving innovative workforce at Securiport,” said Dr. Enrique Segura, President & Chief Executive Officer of Securiport. “We are incredibly excited to be a participant and sponsor at the World BORDERPOL Congress, and are honored to be recognized as a leader in the security and biometric industries.”

Through its sponsorship of BORDERPOL, Securiport aims to further its goal of helping governments improve the effectiveness of their border control management and security systems whilst maintaining cross border mobility.

The World BORDERPOL Congress is the only multi-jurisdictional transnational platform where the border protection, management and security industry policy-makers and practitioners convene annually to discuss the international challenges faced in protecting not only one’s own country’s borders, but those of neighbors and friends. It is a high level conference delivering discussions and debate on policies, implementation and technology that contributes towards successful border management and security.

Securiport was recently named the winner for the best biometric identification system for border security in the 2015 Homeland Security Awards specifically for their automated fingerprint identification system and the multi-modal biometric recognition system. As the terrorism and refugee crisis continue in Europe and Syria, Securiport is developing new and better systems to remain at the forefront of today’s most critical security demands.

Securiport Participates in 84th INTERPOL General Assembly

Securiport, the world leader in passenger biometric recognition, immigration control systems, and civil aviation security, is proudly supporting and exhibiting for the 3rd consecutive year at the annual General Assembly taking place this November in Kigali, Rwanda. The 2015 assembly will celebrate over 100 years of International police cooperation and bring together justice, security and home affairs ministers from member countries all over the world.

This year’s General Assembly theme is “INTERPOL 2020: Policing global threats in a dynamic environment.” Police chiefs and other senior law enforcement officials from around the world will gather at the event to discuss a wide range of policing and security issues including foreign terrorist fighters, border security, cybercrime, drug trafficking, corruption and asset recovery.

As an INTERPOL World Strategic Partner at the inaugural INTERPOL World 2015 biennial conference in April, Securiport is excited to participate in this upcoming event. They look forward to sharing knowledge and proposing innovative solutions that will enhance international passenger safety as well as improve border security and management.

Discussions at this year’s session in Kigali will address some of most pressing cross-border challenges faced by police today. For example, counter-terrorism and foreign terrorist fighters, the organized criminal groups behind drug trafficking and people smuggling, and the different facets of cybercrime.

Dr. Attila Freska Joins “Border Security” Panel Discussion at AVSEC World Conference

More than just a track sponsor, Securiport is proud to play an active role in the 24th Annual AVSEC World Conference by contributing to the Border Security discussion panel.

During Day 2 of the conference, Securiport COO, Dr. Attila Freska shared his views on the implications of migration/refugees on border control units. The challenge remains, “Do Governments have the recourse to effectively manage ‘normal’ operations, while simultaneously dealing with large influxes of people?”

The panel for the specialized border security track was made up of Dr. Freska, Danielle Sharp–Border Security Manager at Gatwick Airport, and Johann Wagner–Senior Border Expert at United Nations Counter-Terrorism Centre (UNCCT). The panel agreed that technology is an essential part of facilitating passenger processing while dealing with stringent budget restrictions. As the group addressed the growth airports will continue to experience while governments continue to cut funds, Dr. Freska remarked, “We must be pragmatic and look at what tools we have available to supplement the human interaction necessary to secure borders.”

As the discussion came to a close, the panel addressed how the private sector can assist the current refugee crisis. “We must ensure that alternative solutions are available for nations that lack the financial resources or infrastructure to secure borders and increase global security.” Representatives from Securiport will proudly support INTERPOL for the 3rd consecutive year at the annual General Assemblytaking place this November in Kigali, Rwanda.

Securiport to Present Keynote Speaker Dr. Enrique Segura for Border Security at IATA’s AVSEC World Conference

More than just a track sponsor, Securiport will play an active role in the 24th Annual AVSEC World Conference by contributing to the Border Security discussion panel. During Day 2 of the conference, Securiport CEO. Dr. Enrique Segura will be sharing views on how States can ensure the security of their territory as threats constantly emerge from terror groups and border crossings. Other discussions will include Emerging Threats, Foreign Fighters and Armed Conflicts.

This year’s AVSEC World theme is “Risk Management: Collaborate. Coordinate. Communicate.” According to IATA’s CEO and Director General, Tony Tyler, “Aviation risk management now faces greater challenges than in any previous era. Cyber security, conflict zones, drones, pilot health, and foreign fighters are just a few of the issues.” And in order to adequately respond to these emerging threats, Tyler suggests that “traditional risk management approaches need to be supplemented by a new mindset of cooperation and collaboration.”

The conference organizers, WorldTEKIATAACI (Airports Council International), and ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) recognized Securiport for their support and involvement. WorldTEK, a full service world-class event and travel management company has over 40+ years of experience in providing event management and travel services. Airports Council International is the only global trade representative of the world’s airports. ACI represents airports interests with Governments and international organizations such as ICAO, develops standards, policies and recommended practices for airports, and provides information and training opportunities to raise standards around the world. ICAO works to develop international Standards and Recommended Practices (SARPs) which States reference when developing their legally-enforceable national civil aviation regulations.

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) is the trade association for the world’s airlines, representing some 260 airlines, or 83% of total air traffic. IATA supports many areas of aviation activity and helps formulate industry policy on critical aviation issues. In addition to Track Sponsor and contributor for AVSEC World, Securiport is also an IATA Strategic Partner. IATA’s Strategic Partnership Program was founded in 1990, and includes a community of more than 350 partners worldwide. The Strategic Partnership aims to provide member airlines and aviation solution and service providers a platform to build and strengthen relationships with key industry stakeholders, as well as to collaborate on mutual concerns and emerging issues and to exchange ideas through various IATA work groups.