Securiport Participates in 88th INTERPOL General Assembly

Securiport, the world leader in passenger biometric recognition, immigration control systems, and civil aviation security, is sending a team to Santiago, Chile to attend and exhibit at the the annual INTERPOL General Assembly. Please come visit us at the venue, or please contact us, to set up a technical demonstration.

Securiport is a proud sponsor of the 2019 Homeland Security Week

Securiport is a proud sponsor of the 2019 Homeland Security Week event being held this November 20 – 22, 2019 in Washington D.C. Join us as we play a part in encouraging a dialogue between industry and law enforcement agencies which spurs a better understanding of the capability gaps, short and long term acquisition priorities and showcasing cutting edge technologies.

To join please visit:

Securiport participating at the MIT Alumni Employers’ Showcase

The Securiport team will be participating at the MIT Alumni Employer’s Showcase on September 4, 2019 in Washington D.C. To attend please contact the MIT Alumni Association for registration details.

Securiport joins FTE Innovation & Startup Hub as inaugural Enterprise Partner

Securiport is pleased to announce that we have joined the Future Travel Experience Innovation & Startup Hub – the world’s first air transport innovation network.  For full details of the announcement, please click here.

Securiport’s SkyLive Sponsorship @ ICAO

To support the International Civil Aviation Organization goal in bringing air transport partners together reaching the “No country Left Behind” mandate, Securiport was a proud sponsor of the ICAO SkyLive program during the TRIP Symposium in Montreal Canada 25 – 28 June, 2019.  Over 8,000 persons across the globe viewed the SkyLive program allowing participants to learn more about Ethe ICAO TRIP Strategy, improved national identity management practices, ICAO machine readable travel document (MRTD), identification of travelers and risk assessment, API implementation by member states, border control inspection systems, and global facilitation.  

Thanks to the SkyLive streaming service, all recorded videos are available online to the public.

Securiport Explains #bigdata Analytics and Border Security

Securiport was recently featured in the G20 publication which was distributed during the summit in Osaka, Japan.

To highlight Dr. Segura’s vision regarding the use of big data analytics and how to better safeguard people, passengers and citizens take a look at the summary video explaining how and where to source data.

Securiport Advocacy Piece Featured in G20 Publication

Dr. Enrique Segura’s, President & CEO, advocacy piece on big data analytics and border security is featured in the G20 Osaka, Japan publication, June 2019 produced and distributed by the Global Governance Project.

The articles discusses how AI can be applied, and what systems need be in place to identify and extract relevant useful and reliable data. Read the full article here:

About the Global Governance Project:

The Global Governance Project is a joint initiative between GT Media Group Ltd, a publishing company based in London, UK, and the Global Governance Program based at the Munk School of Global Affairs and Public Policy at Trinity College in the University of Toronto.

The project publishes content on the how we can all demonstrate better collective governance, via independent platforms for the world largest intergovernmental organizations, governments, NGOs, multilateral and bilateral summits and the private sector’s leadership.

Leveraging the heritage and respect that has been fostered by the partnership, we take the learning, academic research and summit compliance reports produced by the Munk School and collect independent recommendations from invested organisations on the big issues being addressed in the world today. These are then published in the authoritative thematic and summit briefing books, given to the world leaders at the annual summits and simultaneously shared with global stakeholders.

Securiport at Connect:ID in Washington D.C.

The Securiport team attended the 2019 Connect: ID conference in Washington, D.C., 11 – 12 March 2019 to meet with industry experts to discuss new advances in technology addressing global threats including identity fraud and national security, attend panels on solutions that provide seamless solution for citizens to vote, interact and transact, and learn more about new policies that improve efficiencies around passenger and migrant flows around the world.

L to R: Steven Santos (Business Operations Analyst), Anna Klapper (Director, Marketing & Communications), Nate Carpenter (Chief Software Architect),
Marcelo Motta (Chief Technology Officer), Leandro Olie (Chief Operating Officer)
Kyle Kelly (Hardware Engineer)

Securiport Selected to Speak at the US Department of State

Washington, D.C.,– Securiport was selected to speak at the US Department Towards a More Safe and Secure World (TMSSW) initiative organized by the International Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP). The Securiport team met with 25 judicial, law enforcement, and security officials from around the world to discuss current global threats, policies and solutions. Nate Carpenter, Chief Software Architect and Steven Santos, Business Operations Analyst presented Securiport’ s latest technologies on 21st Century Threat Detection on how to implement and integrate border security systems together with big data analytics.

Pictured: Nate Carpenter. Chief Software Architect presenting on 21s Century Threat Detection


Towards a More Safe and Secure World is a three-week International Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP) initiative that engages international participants with U.S. counterparts and examines methods for upholding the rule of law, leveraging partnerships, expanding international cooperation and defeating terrorism.

Project Objectives

  • Foster greater global cooperation against terrorism and other transnational crime threats
  • Explore methods to neutralize global criminal activities such as drug trafficking, trafficking in persons, money laundering, and countering extremism
  • Address the impact of transnational crime on the global economy
  • Survey the U.S. criminal justice system and review how its principles are applied to international crime prosecution
  • Examine ways to strengthen partnerships between community- based organizations and law enforcement officials
  • Address issues of balancing law enforcement and security with the preservation of civil liberties

Learn more about the program:

Securiport is a Proud Gold Partner of ShieldAfrica 2019

ShieldAfrica 2019 will be held in Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire, from January 21-24, 2019. The event is organized by COGES Africa and supported by the Minister of Interior and Security of Côte d’Ivoire. An international security and defense exhibition, ShieldAfrica provides a venue for discourse on addressing the challenges of the African continent and welcomes industry leaders and experts to present innovative ideas and solutions to be shared as security is a global concern and effort.

As a Gold Partner, Securiport executives have been invited to participate in the conference. Securiport will give a presentation following this year’s theme of “Secured and regulated Land, Sea and Air Borders, conditions for the development of Africa.” Mr. Nate Carpenter, Director of Securiport’s IIMS Department, will discuss how nations can face modern threats at the border by utilizing next-generation approaches.

WHO:              Securiport, Mr. Nate Carpenter,

                        Director of IIMS Department

WHAT:            ShieldAfrica 2019

WHERE:           Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire

WHEN:            January 21-24, 2019

About Securiport LLC:

Securiport LLC is a global leader in the design and implementation of civil aviation security, border management, immigration control, and threat assessment systems. Headquartered in Washington, DC, USA, Securiport partners with governments from around the world to provide its proprietary Civil Aviation and Immigration Security Services, a comprehensive security suite with secure biometric recognition, identification of potential security risks, criminal activity, and threat detection.

About ShieldAfrica 2019:

SHIELDAFRICA is the African Security and Defense event of reference that offers land-sea-air solutions to protect Africa’s development: to ensure necessary security to economic development; to restore or maintain peace; to prevent and combat natural and industrial disasters; to ensure the safety of cities; and to develop necessary services for public institutions and private bodies.