Dr. Enrique Segura’s Receives Warm Welcome by BORDERPOL Steering Committee

Securiport is pleased to announce Dr. Enrique Segura’s participation on the Steering Committee of BORDERPOL. Securiport, the global leader in travel safety and border security, and BORDERPOL, the creator of new products and technologies used by border security agencies, look forward to sharing knowledge and expertise on border control systems.

Effective border management is an essential instrument for maintaining peace and security around the world. Dr. Segura brings knowledge which can help progressive border services enhance their own border-security procedures, and to integrate their efforts to standards that are known and understood by other border security, travel/migration management organizations.

The role of this Steering Committee is unique to BORDERPOL in that it was approved by the Management Board in December 2014 to “review, comment and promote the organization within the spheres of government and industry.” Dr. Segura will join the three current group members: Ambassador Rodney Irwin [Ret] – Chairman, Stans Energy Corp. (Canada), Admiral Ami Ayalon Senior Fellow, Israel Democracy Institute, and Commissioner Emmanuel Farrugia [Ret] Former Head, French Police Anti-Gang Unit & Counter-Terrorism Office.

The Steering Committee established officially in June of this year by Mr. Louis-Lyonel Voiron, Director of Strategic Development and General Secretariat. Since then Mr. Peter S. Vincent has joined the BORDERPOL management board as Director Counselor International Policies. Both these officials of BORDERPOL will have a working relationship with the Steering Committee in the weeks and months ahead. The Steering Committee will advise the General Secretariat independently from the Common Council in support of BORDERPOL’s strategic plan approved in 2014 which is to transform it from a non-profit organization to an intergovernmental border security, traveler/migration management body by the year 2020.

Given Securiport’s recent partnership with BORDERPOL, Dr. Segura’s participation within BORDERPOL’S organization is warmly welcomed.