To Secure Borders, Countries Should Look to Leverage Intelligent Civil Aviation Security Solutions

In a time of increased globalization and aviation connectivity, criminal activity and the threats of attacks on aircrafts by terrorists remain a persistent and growing concern for our world. With the large number of passengers traveling through airports every day, it is critical that immigration and security checkpoints are equipped with the necessary and proper re sources, infrastructure, and training, needed to identify and uncover potential security risks and criminal activity.

Within the past decade there has been tremendous improvements in the technology, systems, and processes in place at airports to assist security personnel. However, many airports and nations have yet to make the transition to these more effective technologies, leaving their borders unprotected and unsecure.

Securiport, a global leader in the design and implementation of passenger biometric recognition, civil aviation security, immigration control systems, and intelligent information management and reporting software systems, is committed to the Science of Safer Nations. Through the improvement of the capabilities and effectiveness of civil aviation security systems and processes, Securiport hopes to create more secure nations and borders to ultimately enhance international passenger safety.

To enhance their borders and strengthen their security capabilities, countries should look to implement intelligent Civil Aviation Security solutions that utilize the latest innovations and technologies, such as Securiport’s Civil Aviation and Immigration Security Services (CAISS). Securiport’s CAISS is a comprehensive security solution that empowers security personnel and immigration officials with the tools necessary to enhance Civil Aviation Security and combat criminal activity. The CAISS utilizes advanced biometric identification systems and provides proprietary intelligent information used to identify potential security risks and criminal activity, further strengthening the effectiveness of the airport’s security capabilities.

Additionally, when coupled with Securiport’s Intelligent Information Management System, a methodology for cross-referencing passenger information across international traveler databases, such as INTERPOL’s I-24/7, the CAISS provides governments, airport security, and immigration officials with a comprehensive set of traveler data and information that can be used to confirm a passenger’s identity and uncover potential security risks. The CAISS also includes Watch-list Management, which crosschecks passenger information against multiple government databases and performs real-time identification checks. Implementing a solution such as Securiport’s CAISS, governments and airport security officials can drastically improve the performance and effectiveness of airport security checkpoints and better prevent terrorists and criminals from illegally entering or leaving their country’s borders.

For example, a country such as Honduras could benefit greatly from implementing a Civil Aviation Security solution such as Securiport’s CAISS. In recent months, the Government of the Republic of Honduras has been working to prevent and reduce human and narcotic traffickers as well as other criminals from illegally crossing its borders. Honduras and the United States have recently held a High Level Security Dialogue to discuss ways the U.S. and Honduras can continue to work together to strengthen the country’s borders. Honduras highlighted its notable success over the past year, including the extradition of major drug traffickers to the U.S. and an impressive drop in the homicide rate, as well as outlined its strategy for countering threats like transnational organized crime and trafficking of persons and drugs. Additionally, the Honduran government has made tourism a national priority, believing that the tourism industry will not only benefit the country by stimulating the economy, but also by strengthening their national identity, therefore increasing development and providing Hondurans with a higher standard of living.

With the assistance of Securiport, implementing advanced solutions such as their Civil Aviation and Immigration Security Service, Honduras can substantially improve their border security and effectively uncover and dismantle illegal activity such as human and drug smuggling networks. Just last year, Securiport’s Intelligent Information Management Data Analytics enabled international authorities to interdict a Senegal-based human trafficking ring, resulting in numerous criminal arrests. In addition, Securiport’s CAISS assisted in the identification and arrest of an individual traveling with a stolen passport, who belonged to a vast network of counterfeiters.

By leveraging intelligent civil aviation security systems, such as Securiport’s CAISS, countries such as Honduras will be able to equip themselves with the actionable data and necessary information needed to identify and combat criminal activity in order to keep their country secure. This creates safer and more secure nations.