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The Ultrasound Advantage

Securiport is the only company in the world with an exclusive license to manufacture and utilize a unique, patented technology that scans human fingerprints using ultrasonic waves

The Most Perfected and Reliable Biometric Technology Available

Our ultrasonic fingerprint scanner guarantees 99.99% accuracy in every reading by using ultrasound waves to penetrate the skin in order to obtain an echography of the underlying fingerprint minutia. Unlike optical scanners, which can fail up to 13% of the time, an ultrasonic scanner is unaffected by impurities between the finger and the scanning surface.

Ideally Suited for Use at Immigration Control

The imaging device captures incredibly clear fingerprint images of multitudes of individuals, regardless of their age, ethnic background, profession, or even the contamination or dryness of their fingertip’s skin. Our ergonomic, easy-to-use scanners require no maintenance, even while working unattended for extended periods of time and under challenging environmental conditions.