Securiport Sierra Leone Case Study

Securiport’s Integrated Immigration Control System Enhances Border and Airport Security in Sierra Leone

Quick Facts:

  • Sierra Leone faced border and airport security challenges
  • Lack of technology infrastructure and training
  • Securiport implemented Integrated Immigration Control Solution
  • Immediate positive increase in national security
  • Creation of stable jobs and job training for local employees

The Republic of Sierra Leone had historically faced significant challenges to the security of its borders. Lack of technology infrastructure and inconsistent processes created varying levels of security along key entry points, including the country’s international airport and inland borders. Authorities in Sierra Leone lacked a centralized immigration control system with consistent data collection and analysis of passenger biometric information at ports of entry. Without the proper technology, personnel and training, authorities were unable to collect real-time traveler information or coordinate with international immigration databases for watch-list management. As a result, the citizens and travelers of Sierra Leone faced considerable risks from undocumented and potentially dangerous individuals entering the nation illegally.

The Government of Sierra Leone turned to trusted partner Securiport to upgrade the nation’s Immigration Control Systems using advanced biometric screening technologies and data analytics. Securiport experts began by assessing the existing infrastructure, then designing and implementing Securiport’s proprietary innovation, the Integrated Immigration Control System (IICS). The Securiport team provided all the necessary resources and installed new, modern immigration booths at Lungi International Airport. Securiport built a Control Room for the installation of the IICS’s state-of-the-art servers, which contain the databases of the processed data.

Securiport also trained immigration officials and provided ongoing training for new officers on how to operate the IICS, as well as hired and relocated a highly qualified team to Sierra Leone to manage the operation, which included a General Manager, Operations Manager, IT Manager, Financial Manager, Airport Supervisor, Software Analyst, and an IT Engineer.Securiport’s solution resulted in the creation of numerous stable employment opportunities for local citizens, including IT technicians to provide 24/7 support for the immigration officials.

The impact of the upgrade in airport security and immigration control was immediate and significant. The solution was welcomed by not only the Sierra Leone government, but also the public, the media and international organizations such as ICAO. Securiport’s presence and advanced technologies for immigration control enabled Sierra Leone to receive a positive evaluation during ICAO’s Universal Security Audit Program (USAP). As a result of the implementation of Securiport’s Integration Immigration Control System, Sierra Leone has enhanced its border security with consistent data collection that provides government and immigration officials with more accurate information on passengers entering and leaving the country. Securiport has received immense gratitude from the government of Sierra Leone, including letters from the signing Ministry, through its Permanent Secretary, Prince E.O. Cole and the Chief Immigration Officer, Alpha Kholifa Koroma, expressing gratitude.


“This Ministry would like to thank Securiport for the continuous support and assistance in making the Republic of Sierra Leone a safer country. Through your presence and provisions at Lungi International Airport… security has been greatly enhanced in the country.”

– Prince E.O. Cole, Permanen