Securiport Offers Watch-List Management Solutions to Keep Countries Such as Honduras Secure

With border management and security continuously challenging governments across the globe, solutions are needed to combat criminal activity in airports worldwide, especially here in Honduras. Securiport, a global leader in intelligent immigration controls and civil aviation security solutions, is committed to the Science of Safer Nations by empowering governments and immigration officials with advanced strategies to develop safer and more secure cities and nations. By improving border and civil aviation security, Securiport hopes to enhance these nations’ security capabilities and ultimately increase positive public perception, further increasing their tourism rates and yearly visitors.

Securiport hopes to increase international passenger safety as well as improve immigration and civil aviation security by implementing their Watch-List Management and Intelligent Information Management and Profiling. Utilizing advanced biometric identification systems, Securiport’s Civil Aviation and Immigration Security System provides a tool to create and maintain wanted-persons records, which include both demographic and biometric features. Their Watch-List Management solution provides real-time identification checks on every passenger and alerts immigration officials of possible watch-list hits by issuing a veiled alarm. Further strengthening the effectiveness of their security capabilities, the Intelligent Information Management and Profiling System cross-references passenger information across international immigration databases, such as INTERPOL’s I-24/7. By providing invaluable information, governments and nations wishing to enhance border security can prevent criminals from illegally entering or leaving their country’s borders.

Countries, such as Honduras, could benefit greatly from implementing one of Securiport’s innovative border management solutions. By leveraging these systems, government officials and immigration officers will be able to equip themselves with the actionable data and necessary information needed to keep all ports of entry secure, ultimately leading to safer and more secure travels for passengers across the world.