Securiport Civil Aviation Security

Improving Civil Aviation Security with Securiport’s Civil Aviation and Immigration Security Services

The Civil Aviation industry has been around for over 100 years, and today more than 3.3 billion people utilize aviation and take to the air each year. The Civil Aviation industry has revolutionized the way people connect, interact and conduct business. This ability to bring people together from different parts of the globe, known as aviation connectivity, has been the catalyst for economic growth, connecting individuals from all over the globe ultimately fueling the global economy.

With the increase in popularity and usage of aviation, there has been a “transportation revolution” around the world, which has paved the way for rapid and free movement of people, commodities and services on a global scale [2]. This is known as globalization and provides many positives for our world, but regretfully has a negative side as well.

With the increase in globalization and aviation connectivity, criminal activity and the threat of attacks on aircrafts by terrorists remain persistent and growing concerns for our world. And with the large number of passengers traveling through airports every day, it is critical that immigration and security checkpoints are equipped with the proper resources and infrastructure needed to identify potential security risks and criminal activity.

Countries should look to implement intelligent Civil Aviation solutions that utilize latest technologies, such as Securiport’s Civil Aviation and Immigration Security Services (CAISS). Securiport’s CAISS is a comprehensive security solution that empowers border management and immigration officials. The CAISS utilizes advanced biometric identification systems and provides proprietary intelligent information used to identify potential security risks and criminal activity, further strengthening the effectiveness of their security capabilities. Implementing a solution such a Securiport’s CAISS, governments and airport security officials can drastically improve the performance and effectiveness of airport security checkpoints and better prevent terrorists and criminals from illegally entering or leaving their country’s borders.

Beyond increasing the performance and effectiveness of airport security checkpoints, countries and airliners can work together to strengthen Civil Aviation Security by improving the passenger experience. Earlier this year, Securiport was named a Strategic Partner to the International Air Transport Association (IATA) and has been involved in discussions within program areas of expertise such as Security and Passenger Experience. As a contributing member of the Passenger Experience area of expertise, Securiport has focused on improving the passenger experience across 14 steps, including security and immigration processes. Having a better-defined process in place that incorporates modern technology and intelligent systems creates a more streamlined airport experience, and therefore will improve the capabilities and effectiveness of airport security checkpoints.

With the assistance of Securiport, implementing advanced solutions such as the Civil Aviation and Immigration Security Services (CAISS), countries can substantially improve their border security and dismantle criminal activity. Just last year, Securiport’s Intelligent Information Management Data Analytics enabled international authorities to interdict a Senegal-based human trafficking ring, resulting in numerous criminal arrests. In addition, Securiport’s CAISS assisted in the identification and arrest of an individual traveling with a stolen passport, who belonged to a vast network of counterfeiters.

By leveraging these systems, countries will be able to equip themselves with the actionable data and necessary information needed to keep all of ports of entry secure. This creates safer and more secure nations.