Securiport’s Integrated Immigration Control System’s Proactive Watch-List Helps Senegalese Security Authorities Arrest Two Radicalized Extremists

February 16, 2016—Washington, DC— According to recent media reports in Senegal, two suspected jihadists, radicalized overseas, were detained and arrested by Senegal’s Criminal Investigation Division (DIC) after one of them was identified by Securiport’s watch-list of wanted persons while transiting Senegal’s Dakar Airport.

According to the media report, Senegal’s Intelligence Services requested that the name of a suspected terrorist be entered into the Securiport Watch-List, which successfully identified him upon his arrival in the country. The authorities were alerted and were able to apprehend the individual along with an accomplice. The two are being charged with criminal involvement in a terrorist enterprise and promoting and financing terrorist activities.

Securiport’s unique proactive Watch-List Database Management Solution is specifically designed to help local security authorities efficiently detect suspected individuals who are attempting to enter or leave a country. It is just one of many proprietary tools provided with Securiport’s Integrated Immigration Control System, a comprehensive immigration processing system that utilizes patented ultrasonic biometric technologies for traveler identification and enhances security through the use of advanced data analytics.

Securiport’s IICS allows authorities to create and maintain Wanted-Persons Records, which include demographic and biometric features. Data can be imported from any government database. Real-time identification checks are performed on every passenger. The Securiport system then alerts immigration and security officials on possible watch-list hits by issuing a veiled alarm.

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Securiport’s eVisa Solutions Provide a Faster and Safer Way to Travel

February 4th, 2016 – Washington, D.C. – With border management and security, and airport safety continuously challenging governments across the globe, solutions are needed to combat criminal activity worldwide. Securiport, a global leader in intelligent immigration controls and aviation security solutions, is committed to the Science of Safer Nations by empowering governments and immigration officials with advanced strategies to develop safer and more secure cities and nations.

With an increase demand for international travel in evolving business, education, employment and tourism landscape, Securiport hopes to increase passenger safety as well as improve immigration and civil aviation security by implementing their eVisa Solutions. There is a need to have an effective versatile system to ease the visa process and accountability for the governments and travelers.

Visa management is an essential component of a modern, integrated border management system. It is key to enhancing both security and convenience. Securiport’s main objectives are to transform and simplify administrative procedures, for both the visa applicant and the issuing authority. The goal is also to enhance border security through the establishment of a trusted identity—based on document verification, and crosschecks of national and international control lists—during the visa application process.​

Securiport’s eVisa Management System is more timely, cost-effective, and secure than the current application process. By saving travelers’ time and eliminating many of the hassles associated with obtaining a visa today, the system streamlines the visa application process, and inevitably increases the amount of visitors to countries, helping international business and boosting local economies.

For example, a country such as Honduras could benefit greatly from implementing an electronic visa system. Honduras, located in Central America, is home to some of the world’s best beaches, coral reefs and diving locations, which make it a great location for travelers who wish to experience the wonders of Central America. However, the long process for applying for a visa can be a major deterrent to tourism in the country. Just recently, the Honduran government has made tourism a national priority {}, believing that the tourism industry will not only benefit the country by stimulating the economy, but also by strengthening the national identity, increasing development and providing Hondurans with a higher standard of living. By implementing an electronic visa system, like Securiport’s eVisa Management System, countries, such as Honduras, could save time and money by operating more efficiently to improve the way they communicate and engage with citizens.

By utilizing Securiport’s eVisa Management System, which leverages their Integrated Immigration Control System (IICS) and Intelligent Information Management System (IIMS), governments and immigration officials can equip themselves with the actionable data and information needed to confirm a traveler’s identity at ports of entry and exit, as well as at each stage of the immigration process. This creates safer travels and a more secure nation that, when coupled with Securiport’s IICS and IIMS, provide a complete immigration control system that is tailored to provide benefits to both travelers and governments.

By addressing key challenges and streamlining the process it takes to apply and receive a visa, the number of total visa applications and number of visitors will inevitably increase, improving revenue generated from tourism. Government officials, business travelers, and tourists alike will benefit from a more convenient and efficient visa application process

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